my story

I started making patterns for myself in 1995 after injuring my hand and discovering the only hand craft that I could still do was embroidery. I had gone back to school in 1992 and had to do a stitch sampler in one of my classes, this reignited my passion. I started cross stitching  something I had never done before, and being me went into it big time. I completed my first large pattern and went looking for others in stores that  were the same size or bigger and except for Teresa Wentzler I could not find any. I even tried the internet and while I found a few and even bought some I wasn’t very happy with what was available. I decided that I needed to make my own and proceeded to download try and buy most of the pattern making programs that were out there. After experimenting for a year or so I made my first pattern and started to stitch it. At the time I had a booth in a flea market  and used to stitch while I was there to pass the time. People coming by encouraged me to start selling my patterns and in 1998 I had enough done that I set up a web site and started to do so. I have been doing it ever since and it has now become a full time occupation. Fortunately I am retired so I can devote my time to doing this. Along with my other hobby gardening my time is fully booked and I never have to worry about what to do next only how to stretch another hour or so out of each day



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